Don’t Forget to Visit Yorkshire When You Are Traveling to the UK

visit yorkshire

Yorkshire or County of York is a county of the province located in the north area of England. This area becomes the largest county with a width of almost 12.000 km2 and has a population reaching 6 million people. Yorkshire is a historical area in the UK with the center city in York. Today, Yorkshire is one of the popular tourist destinations in the UK. You shouldn’t forget to visit Yorkshire when you have a holiday in the UK.

National Railway Museum 

Yorkshire offers the beauty of countryside nature spoiling your eyes and historical old buildings. It also has a corner spot of a metropolitan city with some interesting shopping centers providing various beautiful souvenirs. The first recommended tourism spot in Yorkshire is the National Railway Museum. It is a historical building established in 1975 located in Leeman Road, York. It was used to keep the history of the train in the UK. The train becomes a leading transportation mode in the UK. It is located in North Yorkshire being an interesting tourism destination crowded by tourists. In this museum, it offers some miniatures of the train so that it is suitable for capturing photos with the background of the classical locomotive.

National Railway Museum
National Railway Museum

York Minster 

The next destination to visit Yorkshire is York Minster. It is a cathedral in York called Minster in which it has the original name of The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter. York minster located in Deangate, York. It is to be the best cathedral in England. Some best architects have changed this cathedral to be a beautiful building. It offers the beauty of big windows famously called to be The Great East Windows looking so amazing.

Clifford’s Tower 

It is the most beautiful landmark in Yorkshire. This building is one of the biggest parts of York Castle located in Tower St. York Castle was to be the governmental center of North England. The tower is used to keep the criminals and mass suicide. It has been sterile from gloomy history. Today, this stone building is surrounded by green grass being an interest of the tourists coming to York. With the building standing on the entrance directing to the tower, it can be seen the beauty of Yorkshire.

North York Moors

You shouldn’t miss this place. North York Moors is one of the best national parks in England providing the beautiful nature view. It consists of the high moorland land separated by the valley and hills with various depths. It lies on some flowing rivers such as the Tees River and Leven River. You can also access Cleveland Way surrounding Moor Land or Lyke Wake Way directing to the center of moorland. The tourists will see the awesome view with shady trees and blossoming flowers in the spring. You can visit Yorkshire when you travel to the UK.

Top List of Delicious Foods in Yorkshire

England is famous for the biggest country in Europe. To be one of the oldest countries in the world, this country is surely one of the interesting tourist spots to explore. When you want to have a holiday in England, you should taste the English foods on the top list of your trip, especially in Yorkshire. English food has an easy typical feature in which it is an easy cooking process. You can eat delicious foods in Yorkshire when you explore it.

Black Pudding 

Though it is called pudding, it doesn’t mean that it is a real pudding. Black pudding is kind of on the sausage food menu. It is one of the traditional sausage types from England. To make this pudding, it is needed as a basic ingredient of dried pig blood and fats. Many people regard this sausage as tastier if it will be made of fresh blood. For the lovers of this food, it tastes delicious due to the strong blood taste. Black pudding is easily expired so that you must eat sooner. Though it is frozen for days, this sausage’s taste usually has changed. It is not tasty to consume anymore. It is often eaten for breakfast and on some particular occasions with spicy seasonings.

Yorkshire Pudding 

Yorkshire pudding is one of the yummy foods in Yorkshire. It is a typical food in the Yorkshire area usually served in Sunday Lunch together with the main course. The pudding in England is different from the other pudding types because the used toppings are made of vegetables and meat. The sauce on the pudding is added with a slice of baked meat and vegetables making it tasty and salty.

Yorkshire Pudding 
Yorkshire Pudding

This is a typical food in Yorkshire that can be eaten by tourists coming to this area. Despite the meat, you can taste celery and mayonnaise. This pudding was the top dessert for English. The cooking process is traditional and very simple from the wheat dough, milk, water, and eggs baked on the furnace. However, the serving way of this pudding can be steamed or baked in the oven.

Bubble and Squeak

Bubble and Squeak is a kind of traditional English food. It is made of frozen minced meat and vegetables. The vegetables can be carrot, peas, Brussels, potatoes, and cabbage. Those are ground and fried on the pan. To be an alternative, for vegetarians, the meat will be changed to be tofu. It is as delicious as the original recipe of Bubble and Squeak. It can be the main course of the delicious foods in Yorkshire that you should eat.

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